What Are They?

Simply put, a Shortcode is a special tag you can insert into a post or a page that gets replaced with different content when actually you view the page on your website.  You may have already used a shortcode before when adding an image gallery in your WordPress website by entering a shortcode like:


Wordpress replaces the [Gallery] shortcode with all of the information required to actually display a gallery of images.

WordPress shortcodes look similar to html tag but is enclosed with square brackets instead of angle brackets.  A shortcode gets replaced with some other code when the page is loaded in the web browser.  This theme allows you to t0 use custom shortcodes to display a tabbed box, highlighted text, or call out.

This theme makes it easy to select and insert shortcodes.  Once installed, you’ll see a yellow star in your post or page editing screen.  Clicking that star shows a dropdown of all the available shortcodes you can insert.


Here are a few examples of the shortcodes you get with this theme:

Button text

[button-green url="#" target="_self" position="left"]Button text[/button-green]

Alert text
[alert-orange] Alert text [/alert-orange]

Title goes here

The content for your info box goes here.

[infobox title="Title goes here"] The content goes here. [/infobox]

Click here For a complete list of shortcodes