Venture Scouts

The De La Salle Venture Scouts is our section for those from 15 years of age up a young person’s 18th birthday. The Crew meets from 9.00pm to 10.00pm on Thursdays and the leadership team is headed up by David O’Neill. The De La Salle Venture Scout Crew provides challenges and adventure that will get you working with others to make a difference in your community.

Members of the De La Salle Venturer Group camped on the summit of Corran Tuathail.

Above: The De La Salle Venture Scouts camped on the summit of Corran Tuathail (1039m)


What is Venturing?

The programme involves a wide variety of exciting and adventurous activities, where the Venture Scouts themselves are responsible for designing, planning and implementing their activities. From Beach BBQ’s to white water rafting to building snow caves on a winter expedition in the Alps, the programme is limited only by the young person’s imagination

In Venture Scouts the young person takes full ownership of the programme, and they decide what they will do, when they will do it and how it will be done. In doing this they are supported and advised by a dedicated team of Venture Scouters, whose role is to guide and mentor the Venture Scouts as they develop their skills in planning and organisation.

Venture Scouts work in small sub-groups called Crews which come together to plan and organise specific activities. Some of these activities will involve all of the Unit and some will involve only Venture Scouts with similar interests. One Crew might take on the Four Peaks Challenge while another Crew might want to put on a stage show. The Crew system allows for a wide variety of interests to be explored.

But it doesn’t stop there. Venture Scouting involves meeting and interacting with Venture Scouts from all around the country. National Events such as Trizone give Units the opportunity to test their skills to the limit while at the same time getting to hang out with new people of their own age.



So, do you


Want adventure?

Crave new skills?

Want to make a difference?

Time for some action!