A Reflection on Scouting by Emma Riordan – Column

I have been a member of De La Salle Scout Group since I was six years old. I was always a very shy and quiet girl so when my dad brought me to my first Beaver meeting on my sixth birthday. I thought I wouldn’t enjoy myself. Fast forward fourteen

Crossing the Irish Sea on Tall Ship Eendracht

by Seán Ó Gríofa – 7th Waterford De La Salle In July 2011 Seán Ó Gríofa from the 7th De La Salle Scout Troop took part in the first part of the Tall Ships Race from Waterford to Greenock in Western Scotland, just east of Glasgow. He was lucky enough to be selected

Scotland 1999 Leaders Weekend

  • Published: November 10th, 1999
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Eighteen leaders from the De La Salle Scout Group, some high Scottish mountains and a load of haggis.  The 1999 Leaders weekend was the stuff of legends after which Roddy was made to promise that he would never wear Lycra again.