Donation Scheme

2008 will see the De La Salle Scout Group move to its new home at Gracedieu in Waterford City after 80 years at Patrick Street. Now is your opportunity to be a part of that historic move!

On October 1st 2004 we launched our fundraising by offering past members and friends the opportunity to sign up to a Standing Order Mandate for the sum of €10 per month.  For just €2.30 a week you can help us to secure the future of Scouting at De La Salle.

Drawing of the exterior of the new Scout den by the designer, Sean Hayes.

You can use the standing order form below or download it in pdf format here or in a Word document here. These should be returned to your own bank. Contributions of any amount will be gratefully received either on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. In addition we would welcome all business and personal donations no matter how big or small.  Details of the tax relief available on such donations is given below.

Members of the 7th Scouts on the 2005 Waterford Scout County Challenge Weekend.

Tax Relief on Charitable Donations

In April 2001 the Minister for Finance introduced a scheme of tax relief on all philanthropic gifts over €250 toward approved bodies and eligible charities.  The De La Salle Scout Group is such a body and therefore all gifts over €250 are eligible for tax relief.  The recipient of the benefit depends on the type of taxpayer making the donation:

  • PAYE Taxpayers: In the case of PAYE taxpayers, donations of €250 + received by the De La Salle Scout Group, or any other registered charity, in one tax year are treated as having been received “net” of tax. For example: An individual on the standard rate of tax (i.e. 20%) makes a donation of €500. The value of the donation to the IHF = €625 i.e. €500 x 100 80 The tax associated with the donation = €125. The De La Salle Scout Group will be able to claim a repayment of €125 from the Revenue Commissioners.
  • Self-Assessed Individual: Self-assessed taxpayers can reclaim the income tax they pay on donations of €250+ in any one tax year. For example: A self-assessed individual on the standard rate of tax (i.e. 20%) makes a donation of €500. The cost to the taxpayer is €400. The taxpayer claims a deduction for the donation on his/her tax return.
  • Corporate Donations: The company claims a deduction for donations of €250 + in any one tax year as if it were a trading expense.


The De La Salle Scout Group’s registered Charity number is CHY3507. This information is taken from the Revenue Commissioner’s paper “Scheme of Tax Relief for Donations to Eligible Charities and other Approved Bodies, Under Section 848A, Taxes Consolidation Act 1997. A full copy of this document is available at

[Photo – Above: The team from the 7th on the Maumturks Sionnach.]

Our Development page has more information on the plans and regular progress updates will also be featured there. Meanwhile, if you have any queries please do not hesitate to email: , contact any leader or the Treasurer Tom Casey at the De La Salle Scout Group, 25 Patrick Street, Waterford City, Ireland.

[Photo – Above: Members of the 7th Macaoimh on the Waterford Scout County Fun Day.]

Standing Order Mandate
Please complete this form and send to your bank
To: The Manager
Name of Bank: _______________________________
Address: ___________________________________
Please pay: AIB Bank, Michael St, Waterford
Sort Code 93-41-19 Account number: 02368163
for the credit of the De La Salle Scout Group Development Fund the sum of:
[ ] €10  [ ] €20  [ ] €30  [ ] Other: €____
(tick as appropriate)
starting on: _______________________ (start date)
and each: week / month / quarter (delete as appropriate) until further notice from my account
Account name: ______________________________
Sort code: _____ : _____ : _____
Account number: __________________

Account Holder’s Authority
I/we authorise ______________________(Bank) to pay this standing order and to debit my/our account with the sums stated along with the addition of such charges as may be applied by the bank from time to time for Standing Orders.

Authorised Signatory(s)



Date: ____________________

Registered Charity: CHY3507