Beaver Scouts

On the Waterford Scout County Treasure Hunt

Beaver Scouts are our Junior Section for those aged 6 to 8. The programme is based around fun and discovery and for Beavers, the emphasis is on meeting and interacting with people of their own age. The 3rd De La Salle Beaver Colony is headed up by Ray Smith, while the 7th Beaver Colony is led by Stacia Coughlan.

Members of the 7th Beavers at the Fire Station in 2008

The 7th Beaver Colony

The 7th beavers run on a Monday night from 6pm to 7.15pm. they have a very active programme which takes them out of the den at least once a month.

The 3rd Beaver Colony

The 3rd Beavers run on a Tuesday night from 6pm to 7pm and are overseen by section leader, Ray Smith.

The Beaver Programme

Some of the activities enjoyed at Beaver meetings include active and quiet games, stories, creative crafts, singing, drama and nature study. About once a month there are special events and activities which include walks, visits and parties. There is also an annual County Beaver Day as well as a County Beaver Christmas Party which are organised by  the Programme Coordinators for Beavers in the County.

The motto of Beavering is “sharing” and this is reflected in the programme where the young person learns to share through co-operation, teamwork and effort. Beaver Scouts work to the same ideals as the other sections and are a fun first step in the world of Scouting.

Members of the 7th Beavers at the Waterford Garda Station.

Members of the 7th Beavers at the Fire Station.

Overall Beavering is designed on a positive group basis and individual competitions and achievement are not essential parts of the programme. Young people of this age are developing very quickly and in the Colony we build on their skills and take their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.